Thursday, September 10, 2009

FLYNNE Woman Passion Serum

18 ml RM187

Flynne Woman Passion serum ialah serum yang digunakan terus kepada bahagian vagina/clitoris dan dapat memberi kesan terus untuk menambah dan meningkatkan keinginan seks wanita. Ia mengandungi bahan istimewa.

Sebelum hubungan seks, sedikit titisan Flynne Woman Passsin Serum digunakan ke atas clitoris. Akan menambahkan aliran darah dan clitoris akan menjadi lebih bertindakbalas dan secara semulajadi akan terangsang.

Dalam proses merangsang, clitoris akan mengembang beberapa kali dari saiz normal (Kebiasaannya dalam keadaan normal ia mengambil masa 20 minit dari proses pemanasan). Masa yang diambil untuk itu menjadi lebih cepat dengan Flynee Passion Serum.

Flynee passion serum ada lah selamat, dimana ia menambah isyarat dan keasyikan puncak syahwat. Serum ini mempunyai rasa sensasi yang mana tidak akan memberi kesan dan dapat dapat diketahui oleh pasangan dan juga tidak akan menganggu aktiviti pemanasan ringan.

Oleh itu kepada wanita yang menginginkan pengalaman seks yang lebih mengasyikkan..jangan tunggu lagi dan dapatkan ia sekarang!!!


FLYNNE Man Strong Serum

FLYNNE Man Strong Serum is a scientifically designed formula for men. It is free of volatile organic compounds, preservatives and alcohol and is suitable for all skin type

FLYNNE Man Strong Serum contains a powerful herb called butea superba. Butea superba can only be found in Thailand from the central, eastern, and western till the northern part of Thailand. It is proven safe and effective and has been used as a traditional medicine in Southeast Asia for over a century.

However, Butea Superba alone did not work. After 13 years of intensive research and studies, the team of scientists finally found the solution to the problem. They incorporated in a highly advanced technology called the Technology. By subjecting Butea Superba into the Nano Suspension Technology, this powerful herb can finally be utilized by our body to its FULLEST potential. Enhance your sexual life like you never have before.

The combined ingredients in man strong serum for men are proven sexual enhancers for your body. FLYNNE man strong serum consist of flavonoids & flavonoid glycosides, which supports normal sexual function, increase erectile capacity and also enhances sensitivity and performance. Therefore, it can be used for alternative male hormone replacement theraphy to relieve andropause and long term impotence care. Not only that, man strong serum is able to rehydrate the genital area. This powerful serum contains natural flavonoids & flavonoid glycosine with high genital vasodilating effect via the
production of nitric oxide to promote sexual function, sensitivity an performance.

Faedah FLYNNE Man Strong Serum:

-Menambah isyarat ketegangan mingguan

-Merangsang tindakbalas dan menghidupkan kembali deria rasa

-Menyokong dan meninggikan puncak syahwat dan klimaks

-Menambah kepuasan perhubungan dan keyakinan

-Menambah saiz diameter zakar

-memanjangkan ketegangan

-Mempamerkan ketegangan pancutan air mani

-Menambah masa ketegangan zakar


High Quality Detox Eye Pad


Ingredients of Detox Eye Pad includes 100% Pure Medical Grade Collagen Fibre, and Anti-Aging Seaweed, Active Marine Ingredients (Seaweed Extracts)

Benefits of Detox Eye Pad:

Detoxifies, moisturises and nourishes the eye area

FAST! Immediate effect reducing the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles

and crows feet

Increase elasticity of skin surrounding eyes and treatment of saggy puffy eyes by

removing excess fats

Visible results reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around eyes


High Quality Red Hot Patch (WRX-2i)

knowledge known to the Japanese and has been passed down through the generations.
Applying WRX-2i is like receiving 24 hours reflexology treatment. Reflex points in the feet reflect the entire body, and stimulating these reflex points promotes equilibrium in the corresponding area of the body. WRX-2i emits high intensity of infrared rays with 50% of Tourmaline and it helps the expulsion of waste and toxic materials in the form of sweat from the sole of the foot.

WRX-2i is directed for people suffering from diabetes, gout, liver problems and infection. Clinical studies have proven that the inclusion of WRX-2i in daily use may reduce the risk factors associated with diabetes, liver and kidney diseases as it balances CRP, TP, ALB, GOT, GPT, Serum gamma-GTP, TC, TG, HDL, UA, BUN, CRE and GLU in the blood.

Benefits of Red Hot WRX-2i:

• Detoxifies and removes fats naturally
• Relieves fatigue, stress and joint pain
• Better sleep thereby increases your energy level
• Balances CRP, TP, ALB, GOT, GPT, Serum gamma-GTP, TC, TG, HDL, UA, BUN, CRE
and GLU in people with diabetes
• Activates cells and improve your metabolism


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toxin & Fats Removal Slimming Patch


After 28 years of intensive research, Japanese medical experts have confirmed that the gum from oak and birch trees possess special detoxifying effects. These gums are extracted and processed at high temperatures together with other natural ingredients, ground into poweder form and packed into sachets to become the detoxifying plaster of the century.Its miraculous effects have brought about good health and slimming effects to millions, and it has become a popular product in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and South East Asian countried as a natural detoxification and fats removal products.

Benefits of Toxin & Fats Removal Slimming Patch:

Detoxifies and discharge of fatty deposits naturally

Cleanse and purify body system of impurities and activates cells

Relieves fatigue and tones up body

Relieves edema and pain

• Restores skin resiliency


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