Thursday, September 10, 2009

FLYNNE Man Strong Serum

FLYNNE Man Strong Serum is a scientifically designed formula for men. It is free of volatile organic compounds, preservatives and alcohol and is suitable for all skin type

FLYNNE Man Strong Serum contains a powerful herb called butea superba. Butea superba can only be found in Thailand from the central, eastern, and western till the northern part of Thailand. It is proven safe and effective and has been used as a traditional medicine in Southeast Asia for over a century.

However, Butea Superba alone did not work. After 13 years of intensive research and studies, the team of scientists finally found the solution to the problem. They incorporated in a highly advanced technology called the Technology. By subjecting Butea Superba into the Nano Suspension Technology, this powerful herb can finally be utilized by our body to its FULLEST potential. Enhance your sexual life like you never have before.

The combined ingredients in man strong serum for men are proven sexual enhancers for your body. FLYNNE man strong serum consist of flavonoids & flavonoid glycosides, which supports normal sexual function, increase erectile capacity and also enhances sensitivity and performance. Therefore, it can be used for alternative male hormone replacement theraphy to relieve andropause and long term impotence care. Not only that, man strong serum is able to rehydrate the genital area. This powerful serum contains natural flavonoids & flavonoid glycosine with high genital vasodilating effect via the
production of nitric oxide to promote sexual function, sensitivity an performance.

Faedah FLYNNE Man Strong Serum:

-Menambah isyarat ketegangan mingguan

-Merangsang tindakbalas dan menghidupkan kembali deria rasa

-Menyokong dan meninggikan puncak syahwat dan klimaks

-Menambah kepuasan perhubungan dan keyakinan

-Menambah saiz diameter zakar

-memanjangkan ketegangan

-Mempamerkan ketegangan pancutan air mani

-Menambah masa ketegangan zakar


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